Understanding How Windows XP ‘Finds’ Other Windows XP using Wireshark

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Most of us are Windows XP fans, and almost every day we communicate to other computer doing file sharing, printer sharing, etc. Of course, it works easily without knowing what are happening behind this. And some of us are just enough with this. But to be honest, if we know how it works behind the scene, it will give us a very good understanding on the ‘packet level’ in how it works. Especially, if we are planning to migrate our network from L2 to VLAN L3 routing.

Before I wrote this article, I turned on my Wireshark, and just easily did a ‘Start > Run’ and then typed \\serverkoe, where serverkoe is basically my server sitting on the LAN and in the same subnet with me. Hopefully this small packet walkthrough will add small knowledge for you.

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